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Hazel hurdle fencing and other woodland products

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Traditional Hazel Fencing ~ David Downie ~ Hurdle Maker, Stowmarket, Suffolk

Welcome to hurdlemaker.co.uk

I have been crafting various coppice products, specialising in woven hazel wattle hurdles and continuous woven hazel fencing, in Suffolk since 1998. Hurdle fencing makes a very attractive natural fence or screen for your garden and is very durable and resilient to the wind. They can also be used for decorative interior ceiling and wall finishes. I also undertake many aspects of hedgerow management including hedge laying, and supply coppiced material for several uses including riverbank restoration.

To ensure quality of materials I coppice the hazel myself, with full cooperation of the landowner, from woodlands locally in Suffolk, and also in Hampshire. Coppicing is the ultimate in sustainability, if done carefully the stumps (stools) will regenerate providing many rods which can be harvested again in seven or eight years. Due to the various stages of growth, coppiced woodland provides a variety of habitats for both flora and fauna.

Please feel free to give me a call to discuss your requirements.


Services include:

• Wattle Hurdles
• Continuous Weave Wattle Fencing
• Gate Hurdles
• Hedgelaying
• Woodland Management

Hazel compared to Willow

Typically, willow hurdles are constructed from thin strips of willow wood, giving a smooth overall finish.  In comparison, hazel hurdles are made with thicker strips, giving a more textured, rustic look.

"We are delighted with the fence and much enjoyed watching the creation and having you around." Clare, Wetheringsett
"Thank you very much for the hurdles. We couldn't have made the set look authentic without them!" Uden Associates Television & Film Production. The hurdles were used on on the set of Channel Four's 1000 AD

Tel: 07909 530294 | Email:david@hurdlemaker.co.uk

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